Faculty and Morality

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“Why Lord Thirumala Venkateshwara is rich in the World?

I have given my Answer below  to this foolishness of funnying faculty….

Today, we had special training at Hotel Citadel, Anand Rao Circle, Bengaluru.  It was whole day training about Fundamentals of Sales Profession.  It was almost at the end of the Training, trainer was summing up for the day.  He said, “We are done with the training programme for the day.  Before winding up, let me share something. You all know about Lord Thirumala Venkateshwara right?” The Audience unanimously said, “Yes”.  “He is richest God in the World”, Trainer continued, “Do you know why he is Rich?  We know different Lord Venkateshwara at different places.  We have one at Devagiri, in Banashankari Bengaluru.  And, we have more such Lord Venkateshwara temples around city and different places.  But, they are not so rich. Only Thirumala Venkateshwara is Rich… Why?

Funny answers came from the audience… Some said, ‘it is branch office – that is head office…!’ Other said, ‘His marketing is good’… and some more similar to that, which was not accepted by Trainer, saying “All the places God same, but they are not reporting to Thirumala as if in HO – Branch office cases.  Both are accounted individually.  So, why the difference in earnings? Why Thirumala Venkateshwara earns more than any other Venkateshwara?”

Now, there was no answer from audience.  Our Trainer continued, “As per my opinion, the reason is very simple.  Both Gods do same job – of meeting people and blessing them.  But, do you know when Thirumala Venkateshwara sleeps..? It is at between 12.00 – 1.00 AM every day.  And then, he wakes up at 2 AM.  All other Venkateshwaras sleep at 9.00 – 10.00 PM and wakes up at 6.00 AM.  In between afternoon 12.30 to 4.00 PM again they sleep.  But, it is only Thirumala Venkateshwara, who works for more than 20 hours…and daily…!! And that’s why he makes lot of money.  So, he is Rich across the world”.

Now, if you need to be successful in your profession, think of Lord Thirumala Venkateshwara –

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My Answer
I have written  innovative book,
“Sri Tirumaleshana Trigunathmaka prapancha” about Tirumalesha Sri Venkateshwara finding contemporary human values, this is my answer,

That trainer doesn’t know what is the virtuous relality of God. He may just saying ridiculously about God to laugh trainees or misguiding them.
In fact God Sri Venkatesha  knows  money minded people of Kaliyuga,  mostly run behind money and work hrs. together for the sake of money only, without discipline and even not caring Health.

Therefore, God replied clearly about money in his Venkatesha puranam, through Lakshmi and Kubera (not  just clear His debt of mariage expenses to Kubera).

It is well-known thousands of devotees who rush to take  Darshanam of Sri Venkateshwara made Him to give 20 hrs. Darahanam daily,  that means not for making  money Sri Venkateswara giving Darshanam. Because of of His manhood and wondrous divine services richers are  putting their  money to His  Hundi  and some devotees putting their hard  earned money  to  Hundi(Which is being used to give good facilities to pilgrims).

When Good Teachers thinks this positively  says, God is empowered with Sattvaguna which is  one among the Triattributes of this world. (Others are Rajasa and Tamasa). In this Triattributes world  people are  always flexible in between these  three gunas and Only Sattvaguna  prevails forever to men who work hard sincerely. It is better to know if you are  Sattvik, heartily good  and sevice minded  skilled worker, working with dedication without counting  hrs.  money will follow you deffinetly. The above said teacher should know this truth and correct himself otherwise he himself becomes ridiculous.

Moral: Faculty should never be ridiculous.
Simply working 20 hrs daily without discipline he will fell ill. 

Without Selfknowlede and dedication to work hard in the internet of public service  and working  in the self-interest of making money only  is of no use. He will living  died for money only.



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